Dr. Eugenie Clark, Underwater Research Pioneer Dies

Dr. Clark in 2011

Dr. Eugenie Clark, marine biologist also known as ‘The Shark Lady’, passed away February 25, 2015. She will be remembered by many who worked in the underwater and science realm, including the Boston Sea Rovers.

Her research with sharks started in the 1950s when she began working with experiments proving that sharks can learn. Lemon sharks were trained to push targets and ring bells for food. In the Steinitz Marine Lab in Eilat, Israel, Genie conducted experiments with sharks that unlocked the secret of a shark repelling poison emitted by the Moses sole. This complex toxin proved to be both a hemo AND neuro toxin that passes simultaneously through the circulatory and neurological systems.

Clark was the recipient of numerous awards and honorary degrees including The Explorers Club Medal; Medal of Excellence from American society of Oceanographers; Underwater Society of America; Society of Women Geographers; the National Geographic Society; International SCUBA Diving Hall of Fame; Women Divers Hall of Fame; Legend of the Sea from Beneath the Sea; NOGI Award from the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences.

We at Black Laser Learning extend our condolences to her family and the underwater community.