Marine Education

Indonesia’s Shark Sanctuary

Kudos to Indonesia which recently designated the Raja Ampat Archipelago, a chain of 1,500 tropical islands, a shark and manta ray sanctuary. This patch of 18,000 square miles of rich,

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Dive & Learn ! – Sea & Learn Saba

Sea & Learn invites you to Saba for another exciting event this October!  Enhance your environmental awareness as you join our 2013 experts for dramatic, firsthand encounters with the natural world.  Explore the wonders

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Book: Dolphin Mysteries

Two of our esteemed colleagues wrote a book called Dolphin Mysteries: Unlocking the Secrets of Communication through Yale University Press. Kathleen M. Dudzinski and Toni Frohoff are scientists who have

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Sea & Learn October Event

Sea & Learn invites scuba divers and marine enthusiasts to Saba for another exciting event this October in the Dutch Caribbean! Explore the wonders of the natural world with experts guiding you and thrill in great camaraderie and knowledge sharing.


The Saba Conservation Foundation

The Saba Conservation Foundation’s mission is to preserve and manage Saba’s natural and cultural heritage. Their ongoing marine research activities include people of all ages and cultures. Some of their latest news includes:

  • Results of their tropicbird predator research as well as ongoing monitoring of the species
  • A survey on the size, variety and distribution of conch around Saba
  • A survey of the variety and size of fish at varying depths and bottom types on the Saba Bank
  • And looking at lobster larvae.

Always a lot going on! You can visit Saba’s website, join Saba on Facebook and sign up for their newsletter for more details.

Maritime Tracking

What is the ship traffic in your Area?