Greenland Shark

Living further north than any other kind of shark, the Greenland shark is also one of the largest in the world. On average, a Greenland Greenlandsharkplongeeshark grows to 16 feet but they have been known to grow as large as 24 feet. They can be a pale grey or black/brown in color which typically covers the entire body.

The Greenland shark or Somniosus microcephalus eats a variety of fish like skates, redfish and flounders but also eats eels and sometimes seals and even beluga whales. Though it’s not entirely clear what the gestation period is, a typical litter of pups will number around 10.

The only other shark larger than a Greenland shark is the great white. The Greenland shark lives in the north Atlantic ocean regions and makes the areas around Greenland and Iceland its home.

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