Juvenile Rockmover-PS
This picture of Novaculichthys taeniourus, also known as the rockmover wrasse, comes from our good friend Michel Labrecque at the Plongée XL in Quebec.

The rockmover is a beautiful, striking fish, with a colorful and exotic look. It lives in warm tropical locales that include the coast of Africa, the Indian Ocean and Hawaii.

A juvenile rockmover has two extra long dorsal fins near the top of its head that gradually disappear as it matures. The species can grow up to 12 inches long.

While the adult rockmover likes to feed in grassy reef flats, juveniles prefer large areas of reefs where there is a lot of rubble. Both adult and juvenile eat a variety of small animals that hide under rocks, hence the term rockmover, although it’s actually predominantly pieces of fragmented coral that the fish move about with their snout to get at their next meal.

If threatened, the rockmover will hide in the sand.


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