Spiny Dogfish

This Spiny Dogfish was shot off coast of Massachusetts. Photo credit: Vince Capone.

The spiny dogfish can live on average up to 40 years old. They swims by the hundreds in groups called schools and eat just about anything including crabs, jellyfish, small-size cod and capelins, herring, squid and even octopus.

Their coloring is a mixture of brown, gray and white with a few spots that dot the body in various places. Both dorsal fins have spines and their short teeth are similar in size throughout the mouth.

Females gestate young spiny dogfish for up to 22 months, and can have litters of up to 14 pups. The species, also known as Squalus acanthias lives in both cold and temperate waters, with the young usually being born along the northeastern U.S. coast.

Text source: Wikipedia under Creative Commons licence.

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