Submerged Treasures: A Quest of Serendipity and Perseverance

Treasure does not always appear in the form of gold and silver coins. I prefer searching for historical treasures. Yeah sure I have found a silver-laden shipwreck for a client but more often than not searching for treasure results in pain. Financial pain. Emotional Pain. We read about the very few success stories such as the Atocha and the SS Central America. We fantasize like being a modern-day pirate snatching gold coins from  a formidable ocean foe  and yet more often than not these adventures end in failure. Even when treasure is found so often the expenses of recovering the treasure or of litigating the ownership far outweighs the value of the cargo. A few, very few, extremely talented souls do make a living treasure hunting but the odds are against you.



© Copyright Vince Capone 2013